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  • nwwaste2000 nwwaste2000 Jul 30, 2003 3:06 PM Flag

    How much more do we take?

    Hope you all are happy you get paid fast now, now if you can give us more money we will leave well enough. Check out the nerve on this letter.

    Dear Valued Vendor

    On behalf of OAKLEAF Waste Management, we want to thank you for the dedicated service you provide to our customers. Working together, we have made OAKLEAF a supplier of choice and alternative for waste management services to large and small multi-location customers. Customers value our 24 hour a day, 7 day per week, 365 day per year customer service, along with our on-line, web based management reporting. As a result, our combined, value added service has made OAKLEAF the largest National Account Program in the U.S.

    We are positioned for further significant growth, but we cannot achieve our vision without significant improvements in our cost structure. In this economic environment there has been and continues to be significant pressure from existing and prospective customers to reduce pricing in order to retain or gain their business. OAKLEAF itself is taking necessary and dramatic steps to improve its cost structure through improved productivity, technological solutions and other expenses. As a valued vendor, you have the opportunity to share in our success and the responsibility to share in our challenges.

    To that end, we are asking you to evaluate your pricing and to make voluntary reductions in line with the competitive marketplace. We are requesting that you complete and return the enclosed vendor commitment form. Please do not limit your response based on current contractual terms since we will amend the agreements as necessary. The revised pricing should be made effective as of August 1, 2003.

    With your continued support, together, we will be able to grow and prosper our business by providing cost effective waste solutions for existing customers and new prospects.


    Aaron Furman

    Executive Vice President

    General Manager


    One OAKLEAF Center

    800 Connecticut Boulevard

    East Hartford, CT 06108

    Telephone: (860) 290-1250 Facsimile: (860) 290-1251

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    • Sorry I was so cranky. I can assure you, I am not flamer. That's a guy who dresses like a girl right? "Not me"!

    • Well, It is trading near a 52 week high, the market outlook is gloomy, it has a rich price/sales ratio, insider trading is exclusively sales since March.

      Still, you are probably right in that it is not a sell. A hold is probably more accurate.

      btw, next time, instead of hurling out some weak insult, how about some insight to bolster your argument?? It would make you look intelligent, instead of some pathetic flamer.

    • How can you possibly call this a sell. You really are not the brightest bulb on the tree now are you?

    • You have the ending right, (it is your opinion).

    • As long as the haulers (AW VERY included) employ sales forces that are too weak to sell on their own merit, and choose to hit their quota by selling cheap, brokers will thrive. Pre-Allied BFI, as well as WM, both tried to employ broker policies, and de-centralized wimps like AW refused to play ball.

      The key is for AW to implement and stick to, a broker policy similiar to WM. Of course, these guys do not have enough control over their various markets to pull it off, imo.

    • nwwaste/eatatthefill/otheraliases:

      So what. Who cares?

      The reason Oakleaf is growing new sales revenue and the majors are still focused on their belly buttons doing cost cutting and layoffs is because the majors' business plan focuses on price increasing customers whereas brokers focus on savings. It's as simple as that.

      It entertaining to listen to haulers bad-mouth brokers, claim they're competitiors, and decry how "evil" brokers are.

      The truth is were it not for haulers' unethical, illegal, unscrupulous, obnoxious, boorish business behaviour, brokers wouldn't exist.

      Look in the mirror if you want to see the reason. Your posts are proof.

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