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  • nwwaste nwwaste Jul 30, 2003 10:53 PM Flag

    How much more do we take?

    Kneel in front of the guillitene, slowly push your head forward until your shoulders stop your advancement. Rest neck on yoke shaped wood and close your eyes.
    Your out of here!

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    • This is a useless posting and I am disappointed that Yahoo has not aborted it. You have no idea what you are talking about - I am sure more then 1 reader of your post would like to you to cut your head off.

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      • ramblingbruin2003:

        Don't bother aruging with mr. personality (or should I say personalities?). He's been on a diatribe for weeks about "evil" brokers and doesn't seem to understand that haulers created brokers/consultants due to their illegal and unethical practices and continue to contribute to brokers' growing expansion with similar behaviour.

        If you're reading garbage boards expect to see poor behaviour, poor grammar, poor spelling, and poor reasoning. He is a case in point.

        Haulers continue to suffer sluggish (if any) internal revenue growth due to the price pressures exerted by brokers/consultants. They've become so accustomed to operating dutch/New York/Southeast/Vegas-style collusive businesses they believe they own customers, can price increase for any reason, and think every business must sign egregious five year contracts.

        If you consider facts to be proof, look at the growth curves of the waste majors and the growth curve Oakleaf and other major brokers.

        BTW, Oakleaf just had a private equity firm buy in for 30+ Million...haven't seen that happen at a major recently.

      • OK ramblingbruin, now you are the new idiot that is, as you say, a college graduate - - BFD - - for the most part we all are - - now, see if you can manage to understand this - BLOW IT OUT YOUR ANAL APERATURE - -
        If you knew one thing about the business you would not have said a word to that post.
        Talk to some of the folks at Casella and see what they truly think about brokers, imparticularly oakleaf waste and then re-post you fool. It is a war, all is fair in love and war!

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