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  • wmisucks wmisucks Jan 30, 2000 10:18 AM Flag

    Whats the Deal

    WCNX's CEO Ron Middlestat is a very sharp guy, he
    has a good team, he has executed very well to


    you people see the volume on fri 1/28/2000? What is
    the deal? Please help me out and provide some real
    info so we can figure out what a fair multiple for
    this puppy is.

    Spare me the cowboy

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    • whatsa matta you ?? you been playin wit da little boyz? what gives? explain why youse was fired? kiddie porn on the pc. shamea on you boy.

    • Wow, you are so handy with that People Search.
      That guy had five names which is way more than I

      Sooner or later you'll catch me. You've eliminated 5
      possible choices. That leaves 267,375,471 to go. Plus


    • Here is one more.

      Dexter M Levi Patrick Ashley
      3628 Kellogg Ave
      Dallas, TX 75216-4735

    • If one of those guys actually worked for a waste
      company? Can you imagine the crap he's already taken and
      now he gets to deal with Inspector Invest?

      would make for a cool movie if he were autistic, and
      everyone credited him for his keen insight in the
      wonderful world of waste (Invest-autistic means that he has
      trouble relating to the real world, know what I

      How did I evolve into the bad guy on these boards? I
      thought I was the good guy!

      Oh well. I know that I
      am Invest's hero. He never stops talking about me. A
      little scary given his alleged pedophilia...


    • Sometimes I feel like a kid with a magnifying
      glass when I'm dealing with Invest. It's really not a
      fair fight.

      Invest, you are so gullible. I'm
      laughing while I write this. I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh
      at you, but I can't help it. You are so very sure
      that you're getting close. The great detective at

      If I change my alias to Bob Smith, will you list all
      of them in the US, too?

      I will follow up with
      the Dexter Ashleys to see if they have caller ID and
      can give me Invest's home number.


    • OK, you're right.

      Hopefully these
      pill-brains will figure out that their great detective work
      is for naught. Did they really assume that I would
      use my name here? Hell, I'd have been shot by

      My alias is made up of names from my family. If you
      know my kids and my pets, you know who I


    • well it looks like our boy dexter is one of the four, I can't see beans concerned with anyone except dexter, look at his posts. Only a matter of time now.

    • Which one am I?

      You're getting warmer...


    • There's a chance these poor "real" Dexter
      Ashley's are now going to be hassled for things you said
      ages ago under your old fake handle! Don't encourage
      these idiots (like Invest) to believe you were ever
      stupid enough to use your real name on the boards. that
      isn't fair to the innocent guys who happened to really
      be stuck with a name like Dexter Ashley.

    • ashley, 4 total listings. Let's find him and end
      his harassments on these boards. Can anyone narrow
      this down any?

      Ashley, Dexter
      1630 Cherry
      Williamsburg, KY, 40769-8617
      Phone: (606) 549-8582

      Ashley, Dexter
      Rr 1
      East Machias, ME,
      Phone: (207) 255-4622

      Ashley, Dexter J
      Lake Ariel, PA, 18436-9802
      Phone: (570) 937-3580

      Ashley, Dexter L
      Corinth, ME,
      Phone: (207) 285-3833

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