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  • johnmarque johnmarque Jan 26, 2012 12:00 PM Flag

    this is ridiculous

    I have to look away from this bs

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    • *frustration

    • My sympathies... Longs will be fine. I just need to learn not go use daily movement as a guide to my happiness or frustrating and check in less frequently.

      Hang in there. When we approach earnings, this will all be in the past

    • This is a TRADING STOCK. Not a long term investment. If you believe in RDN (and I do), buy it on the dips and sell it on the peaks. That is how you make money on a stock like this one.

    • I concurr that this is ridiculous. The news and trends are nothing but positive with Radian. My gut tells me part of this is lack of investor understanding as to what they are trying to do. Hopefully after everything is said and done this will level off and continue and upward trend. Investors likely will want to see the books after all these agreements are panned out. Ultimately what we have here is RDN taking market share from MTG last quarter. MTG while doing better still lays an egg. RDN is likely to announce another profit, and clean up its numbers and still the stock is tumbling. It really makes no sense whatsoever. Hopefully good things will come to those who wait (and I have waited).

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      • Hang in there guys,

        The biggest mistakes that I have made in trading stocks for the past few years was making a decision to invest in a company and then upon downward momentum, selling the stock to try to find a better entry point (upon which the pps rises after my sell) or to ditch my position and go somewhere else (upon which it levels out and finds its way back north)

        You're right, other stocks don't necessarily behave like Radian. However, we all chose this sector because of how beat down it was(is) and how great the upside potential is. WE ARE ALL GAMBLING. I still trust my instincts that this company is in THE BEST position in it's sector and that it is clearly a HIGHLY MANIPULATED stock. That being said, either set your sell limits or look away with nerves of steel

        I see this stock falling to 2.50 unfortunately, where those accumulating will pick up the majority of their shares and the trend will change.

        All i know is we are down more than 8% and there seems to be NO negative press to promote that kind of sell off. Yes, we had a run from below $2 to $3, but i think everyone holding positions in this company expected the run to continue, not retrace back to 2

        good luck

    • I am telling you there must be some real bad news that we don't know about. This company is going down like there is no tomorrow.

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      • I don't believe there is really bad news we don't know about

        RDN has done this in the past, falling hard on no news, just because shorts went all in at the right time (or because tutes are keeping the price down to accumulate shares at a lower price)

        We have had questions about this company's survival this year and as far as I am concerned, they were all just answered in a positive way

        The natural thing to do would be to buy a stake in the company, having such upside potential at this point. Apparently shorts and institutions anticipated this pedestrian move and are trying to shake out those of us who don't truly believe that the dark days are over for this company.

        If she falls all the way to $2, i don't know what ill do. For now, I am going to try not to watch and hope (pray) that I'm right about this

        good luck

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