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  • calcsmart calcsmart Nov 15, 2012 5:45 PM Flag

    is Radian rejecting too many claims?

    This seems to be the largest bear case against Radian from what I've gathered. It was also mentioned in the latest seeking alpha article published today about Radian.

    Can anyone comment on this?

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    • are they rejecting an unusually high amount relative to peers?


      is it too many?

      ...well no because if they never they would probably go bankrupt

      and if they can successful deny, and slowly allow them back onto their books, then it was the smart thing. MTG could probably benefit from a higher denial rate...

      so are they probably cooking their books a lot? sure
      is it the wrong thing for them to do? probably not
      should a current RDN shareholder ask them to change? hell naw

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      • ppl are noticing that's why it's selling off so hard

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      • Wintermute you're the biggest fool I have seen on the mtg board. You obviously have no knowledge of accounting., you need help.

        It's impossible for me to start at point "A", it would take too long.

        If Radian was not paying it's claims, they would have many lawsuits like MGIC. I hope that gives you a clue.

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      • Folks MTG and GNW have much bigger legacy issues than RDN. Regarding the claim/denial rate RDN has one big servicer that has had great difficulty in coming up with the appropiate claim paperwork per the contract which is why RDN denial rate is higher than MTG and others. Listen to the conference calls and presentations.

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      • Why not rejecting claims if you can?

        Qineqt's article on SickingAlFA is obviously biased with one objective: to make RDN down

        When you have a look at the monthly operation data since January last year till recent month, you know right away what I am talking about and what garbage both Barrons and SickingAlFA ......

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