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  • oldman123 oldman123 Jan 31, 2013 7:44 PM Flag

    Oldman now that we're friends, where did you come from?

    To Young man with respect ! ...........( Life just starts from 70.)

    I was lucky to find this jack pot last summer part because of UR naughty actions that made me study more RDN.

    Since U can keep making money from RDN many times,
    U must know something about it, and very confident in it.
    Then, let's look around and see if there is any other way to make more money.

    I am sure, Young man, U know a lot than me ( I'm 59 still).
    I am not that nimble as U, and still learning,
    however willing to share sincerely just what I know, and that little bit experience.

    1. study hard about my players. (esp. their tricks, intention etc)
    Hey, man, they can do anything they like, but I can't .

    Eventually, I learned to make money by not FOLLOW their Ad.,
    and study, watch MM, esp. hedge fund managers' sentiment.
    (sometimes, I wish I can run as fast as U. :-)))

    2. I still learn from many good fellows from this RDN MB about F/A & T/A. These two are the major weapons I have. I mean to play against the market makers, Options makers, Fund managers etc. and try to act before they act.

    3. Try to cf: what 's difference between 5 min chart & day chart for RDN's past 6 Mo. If U find so many times of in-n-out net return is greater than just buy -n-hold, then follow UR best way. If not, just change to new way U just found.

    (For day trader, 3 Mo.-6 Mo. is almost a generation long. To ask them to hold the stock a bit longer is hard or painful.

    The only way U can really hold, my personal understanding is, have a very deep understanding of this stock & it's business, and the whole industry. Then U will feel confidently what U hold. and U R not affected by big players all kinds of tricks.)

    4. I am still learning from Warren Buffett even now. How about thinking about his unique way and annual % he profited in past 50 yrs. (To me, I really want to learn that 50 yrs consistency.) I may have only 5 yrs left. :-))))

    5. The last one, I am still learning, learn from some other good fellows and their ideas.

    How about U share some ?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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