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  • vlady84 vlady84 Aug 16, 2004 1:39 PM Flag

    Cyber Disfunctional Family Here U.D.

    Nope! I will not " play " with YOU " spider ". Take your destructive and hurtful GAME to those who have a need to be beat up and damaged.

    My only hope is that others will realize the damage that they are doing to themselves by interacting with a cad such as yourself.

    You are the Jeffrey Dahmer and the Jack the Ripper on the Yahoo Message Boards. I've read many 1000's of messages on hundreds of stock boards. You are the most destructive person I've ever read. You are the most evilist person I've ever read.

    I follow the messages on this board to keep track of your vile nature, and how you so easily trap your victims into defending themselves, and how you go in for the 'ego' kill.

    Like I said before, I wish not to interact with someone of your ilk, but I am posting this message as a warning for present and future posters: WARNING DELSAUCY MAY BE HARMFUL TO YOUR EMOTIONAL WELL BEING, PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK