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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Jan 14, 2011 8:08 AM Flag

    Today will be interesting

    as we see commodities falling on the China news regarding what they are doing to lessen inflation and bubbles - so funny to see a concern about doing what is right - longer term this is so bullish and without a bubble you don't get in it will be interesting to see how we trade today and if we hang in there tough then the upside for me will be accelerated from the 60's to the 80's - the next four months should be very good. I have also put in a small entry position in municipal bonds - buy when there is blood in the streets as they say. Good luck and always remain cautious-focused-unattached to your investments - treat them like something that you don't trust so WATCH'M CLOSELY. Boolean.
    *I will be watching gold/silver closely as well today to see if this big drop sticks and also what the gold stocks do - they often times reverse before the metals.

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    • sorry if I sounded "inyourface" - didn't mean to. But I love discounting and group-think the sociological effect that makes people the group and the leader. Any drop here should be a short-lived consolidation. I don't see Mesabi giving back much here but as I always say - Mr. Market loves to make you look foolish.

    • I am not debating your winning picks and buying strategies but discussing what the next catlyst is being discounted and if there will be an impact ...if any ... as the case for interest rates and credit ratings.

    • Boo,

      You forgot one piece of news, the distribution will probably be announced!

      As far as China is concerned... A tighter monetary policy concerning the Yuan/Renminbi is actually a good thing for ore prices. Ore is priced in the world reserve currency, which of course is the US Dollar. If the Yuan appreciates against the dollar it means that the Chinese can purchase more goods with fewer dollars, making it cheaper for them to export commodities like ore.

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