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  • juststeve55 juststeve55 Apr 28, 2009 10:57 PM Flag

    so whos buying?

    hey T.G.

    i have friends who lost tons in VG and have since looked at it several times and is still on my list, when TA turns i will buy.

    Faz is fine with me, or FAS either one. Since i'm short with FAZ i think a good dip in setting up, i will unload then and buy up some FAS to go along with my UYG. this is a short term trade in a long term uptrend. i tried getting in APT monday morning but it jumped by some big ass percent and wasnt going to chase it. ( i played it years ago after teh last big scare.

    as for VG i never let personal issues stop me from a buy! its only money were looking for. not some mortality issue for me at least.

    I'm going to sell my ABCW (small bank) before it dips further. I will still be underwater but i will buy it back when it bottoms, i let it get away from me.
    RAD just needs a bit of good news along with VG
    be well

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