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  • daninfw04 daninfw04 Jan 15, 2012 11:12 PM Flag


    I agree. I think a double is very possible if the market can shake off Europe. If GTN can pull off a refi or perhaps sell off a major asset to pay down debt so they can then do a refi and delever, we could easily see a triple. Besides political, I see a major upside from auto advertising. I think we will easily see double digit gains especially with the numbers being reported by Toyota and other foreign manufacturers with Ford and GM delivering stellar results as well. They are going to have to do major advertising to maintain and gain. There's also the issue of about 4-6 months due to the Japan catastrophe in a few more months where they will blow away those numbers from last year. Toyota didn't have cars to sell so why advertise. We will start seeing Q4 results in next 2-3 weeks from this sector. I also think we will start seeing upward revisions and raised projections for the sector after Q4 reports. In the case of GTN, they had massive, can't remember number off hand, but I think almost half their retrans agreements just got renewed so retrans will be higher than expect as well. Even with a double for GTN this year, I see a triple for sure next year as a refi will indeed be possible and they too like TVL and BLC will drop millions more to the bottom line just from reduced interest costs. DaninFW

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