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  • joetong419 joetong419 Mar 9, 2010 2:00 AM Flag

    TBT nears 50 again

    Some inflate their winnings...unless the person made a killing over a 5-month period was heavy into options?

    I'll be satisfied making $1k a month on a 2-point upside. TBT has traded in a range lately of 45-50. The problem is selling at the top and waiting to return to the lower level.

    What's the alternative - earning <0.25% placing your bucks in a bank? No risk, no reward.

    I'll also take a chance on TLT if it gets into the low 88-89 range to 91-92.

    Risk is less in TBT than into specific stocks IMO. If holding TBT to next year, with higher interest rates a given, how can TBT go lower as some say due to decay?


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    • If he moved over a million, maybe 2 or 3 million and caught every sawtooth move (during that period), then maybe there would be enough to buy a decent used car.

      Don't get me wrong. I know I view TBT as a 'sell', but I understand the allure.

      It's just that it seems that a steady sustained move is needed to make a good trade on this fund, either that or you need a massive position short term.

      My guess was that some of those who hold physical shares want to redeem them and need the price to get driven up first.

      Maybe I'll be wrong? It's an interesting inverse fund, but the whole time I've watched it just hasn't panned out.

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