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  • charles40 charles40 Apr 5, 2010 8:49 PM Flag

    bernanke back of the envelope

    lets say he bought 3 trillion in bonds
    some short and some longer term
    on the longer term stuff he was buying
    when the rate was 3%, now its 4%, thats a
    33% haircut. as they have said they must
    deleverage their own balance sheet--ie
    they plan or need to sell--not hold to maturity.
    and the pain on the short stuff is just around
    the corner, when they raise rates, the 1-3 yr
    stuff they hold is gonna take an even bigger hit. my guess is they lose over 1 trillion
    dollars--which is bigger than the 700 billion
    dollar bailout. ---so the damage to the tax
    payer just doubled. pity the youth of today
    as they will pay and pay and pay, for this
    failed effort to save the banks and capitalism
    as we knew it. --- theres a new economy on
    the way, what it will be is not known. but,
    this failed effort was really the knife in
    the heart of the capitalism they tried to save.
    as now, the govt and taxes--will ensure that
    it is not possible to return to the capitalism
    of the 1940's to the 1990's. that form of
    capitalism ended in insolvency on 8/8/8.

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