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  • eyeche eyeche Oct 8, 2010 3:50 PM Flag


    "So let's call it something more modern... Fascism might work, Musolini [sic] and others tried that Corporate/ Right Wing governance thing back in the 20th Century."

    If you took any time to actually read your history, you will find that Mussolini came out of the Italian Communist Party and was a leading Socialist/Progressive. Fascism is the take over of the people and productive capacity by an all controlling elite who know what's best for everyone (Wow, that sure sounds familiar to what has been going on!)

    Fascism always came out of an integration of Socialist/Progressive movements, along with Nationalism. SO it is a "Left wing" thing, never was a conservative/libertarian thing. This applies to Nazism as well (recall they came for the National Socialist Workers Party).

    About time everyone got their facts straight. Obama's Nanny State ideals are all fascistic.

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