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  • snugly60031 snugly60031 Aug 15, 2011 11:28 PM Flag

    A Year Ago

    TBT was about 5 points higher, and most were looking bearish in this stock. The stock managed to move higher into the Fall and Winter. My guess is that we will see lower stock prices in coming days, but will get lift eoy and into 2012.
    But that doesn't negate my fundamental negative outlook on the US. This country doesn't deserve even a AA+ rating. We will never repay the debt. The only option is to debase the currency and repay with confetti dollars. How could anyone buy treasuries knowing the outlook for the currency? At some point reality has to set in.
    I think once the Euro situation looks more stable, dollar is going into the tank. With it will be treasuries.

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    • So go long Gold, TLT and shotguns ?

      Been to Europe lately ? Think 10-15 USD$ + is too much for a cup of coffee ? The Europeans do -

      The Euro is way overpriced which is what has put pressure on the dollar - when the Euro falls and it will fall the dollar will rise and the market will go down.

      The US is just better at devaluing our dollar which is why the Euro is so high.

      Do you think the UST 10 year is going down to 1% like Japan ? I don't think so cause Japan is still in a 100x way worse situation then we are ...

      For that matter about 95% of countries are in worse debt situation then the US, but they don't talk about that on Fox news, so you don't know what I'm talking about.

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      • i read the times and am still unsure of what you're talking about.

        the us dollar is different than all other currencies because we are the reserve currency and the us is still by far the largest economy and the worldwide engine for growth. de-coupling is a myth.

        are you saying that since our debt situation is better than 95% of other countries, the us will not inflate its way out of this debt?

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