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  • bigg_redd_rockett bigg_redd_rockett Feb 20, 2013 2:55 PM Flag

    So, if Bernanke slows down the buying of bonds and nobody else is going to buy the slack

    then bond rates skyrocket. Seems only too logical to me.

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    • So if that's true, why didn't TBT jump today? This thing is a piece of trash that decays unreasonably. I would stay away. If you're so sure about the Fed's actions, short the stock market. Stay away from this POS.

      Sentiment: Sell

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      • Bonds rallied on the news from the FED REV minutes.
        They monetized the US Debt by minting 3 trillion in new paper and paid down old higher interest rate debts with new lower rate bonds.
        They are cautious since inflation will ramp up and they will end the monetize program early before the employment rate drops to 6.8% Preemptive prediction that this is an economic expansion while the economy contracted by .1% for the last Q.
        Bonds should decline slowly after all the dust settles since there will be NO MORE FEDERAL RESERVE INTERVENTION..
        Invest at your own risk.

      • I don't know. Seems it should have in sympathy of the stock market sell off. But let's be honest, if Bernanke and his fellow fraudsters quit buying the bonds then bonds WILL skyrocket and the economy will crash and burn and a major depression will be upon us bringing violence and basically warlike conditions in the cities. So it is hard to imagine they will quit buying bonds. At the same time, it is not working. Bernanke has proved his thesis a fraud but he doesn't want to admit it.

    • Great minds think a like. That is why I bought 1K shares of TBT today.

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