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  • bigg_redd_rockett bigg_redd_rockett Jun 14, 2013 2:48 PM Flag

    The Bernank can't dare allow housing to stall with higher interest rates. I expect

    printing to actually be increased soon. They have to keep mortgage rates down or Bernanke loses and goes out the scapegoat for the failed policies and ensuing crash.

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    • Ben must keep printing.There is a crowd of fast money traders that are front running him.If there is any hint of tapering of QE they will turn on a dime and sell stocks and bonds like crazy.

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    • they have run the stock market high enough now to correct it 10% with no damage and therefore moving money back over to bonds to bring down rates--its all a game people.

    • I'll bet if Ben has any kids they were still riding bicycles with training wheels when they were teenagers because he wouldn't allow them to be removed for fear of them getting injured.

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    • Ben will go out the hero.......that is the plan.......the next chairsatan will fall on their sword and Bernanke will be praised, raised to the status of Reagan. The day Bernanke's successor takes over it will all fall apart. This will coincide with the reduction of the SNAP program and the pull out in Afghanistan. Bernanke's will be praised as the savior until the end of time and the greatest crime ever committed will be complete when the statute of limitations kicks in and nobody goes to jail and everyone can then write their memoirs.

      Wait until Bernanke is replaced then go all in on TBT.....two more years of this, at the most.

    • Ben is not going to be the scapegoat for his failed policies.He is going to leave one humungus mess for his successor to have to try to clean up and be the reciptiant of all the blame.

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    • He had better start increasing the amount of money he is printing because he is gradually loosing control of the bond market.Rates are in an uptrend.The more he prints, the worse it's going to be when his policys become unraveled.

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      • I think Japan scared the #$%$ out of Ben. They printed big and rates went up. That's not supposed to happen in Ben's world view. It just showed him that QE cannot go on forever without negative results. So ironically, he starts talking taper and rates go up anyway because no one wants to hold bonds if no one is buying. It's ye old Catch-22.

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