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  • wingnut2tight wingnut2tight Feb 1, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    New majority owner

    QED Connect, AKA Turdmann industries put out a PR (that's what they do!) about them getting in the erl bidness with a GNK (Guy Named Konstantih) over there in Ukrainakyrzgyrushastan, 500 gazillion dollars profits guaranteed. That PR went EVERYWHERE! Lined up a whole mess o'pumpers to flood the boards, and even put out a NOTHER Press Release sayin' their plans and outlook for 2013 are to keep on screwing up just as good as they did in 20 aught 12. Traded 3.6 millions of shares in that one day, they did too!
    Worked like a charm, except the share price (Turdmann is ALL about "increasing shareholder value", they say it all the time....) went from .022 to .013.
    I maybe mistaken, but unless yer playin golf I think that's in the wrong direction.
    This fun and adventure will be coming soon to a YLLC near you!

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