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  • johnnytsunamii johnnytsunamii Oct 24, 2005 1:27 PM Flag

    MMs pump them dump soon!

    Bidu is not goog. But whatever goog is, bidu will be a hundredfold. The usa graduated 8000 engineers last year -- china had 80,000.
    whatever the usa creates, china can copy for next to nothing. Its called brains dum-dum.
    they dont worry about gay patents and political correctness and religion over there. Its all about the party, and the people. Might equals right. China already holds most of our debt you idiot, they hold all the notes to your fat ass house and fat ass suv. What the hell do you think the chairman is doing up there in heaven you idiot? Playing mahjonng?? China owns you -- get a piece now!!
    better be red than dead!!!!!!!!!!!
    red sun rising baaaabbbbyyy

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