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  • iamonline4 iamonline4 Jul 19, 2007 5:26 PM Flag

    Wow Google is down 7% to $507+

    No big deal. It's just a bump on the road. It will go higher. So will Bidu.

    Just remember this:

    If Goog remains at $500, its market cap is $157 billion. Will Bidu become 20% of that, at $33 billion in a few years? you bet!!

    That translates to bidu price = $937

    Buy on weakness folks. I know a lot of people want to buy baidu and have been waiting for a good price. Now it is the time.

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    • Baidu is great!
      Nobody can compete with Baidu in China!
      Nobody will be able to compete with Baidu in Japan!
      They will eventually take over US and EU markets!
      Huge markets at their disposal!
      They will eventually buy Google or bury it!
      Baidu! Baidu! We're not worthy!

      Repeat 1000 times. You'll believe it ...
      Then go buy more shares.

      I guess you guys don't know what "emerging" markets are all about. When you say that Internet in China is what it used to be 10 years ago here -- lets say for the sake of argument that you're right -- was it possible to predict 10 years ago who is going to be the dominating force in the Internet arena here? You probably thought it is going to be Netscape and AOL, right?

    • I strangely agree. I closed my short mid day today. Could obviously made more if i held to morning, but maybe not since the premium on options will dry up over night causing all options to open in the red (YUP, YOU HEARD IT HEAR FIRST, NEARLY ALL JULY OPTIONS, BOTH PUTS AND CALLS WILL OPEN RED TMRW).

      Mark my words.

      I've been playing this game a long time.

      August calls 210's and 220's will be a great buy tmrw morning with the gap down open.

      This sucker will run up into earnings next week. GOOG's top line revenue was pretty strong. They were just idiots with their spending.

      It's hard to say having been short for 5 days, but the best buying opportunity is tmrw for options players.

    • Google's market cap is XXX, so BIDU will be a %age of X in a couple of years. . . . These kind of analogies are the STUPIEST thing I have seen in a while!!! It is a complete apple and orange comparison. Yes I know the size of China's population. Here is the #1 thing to consider -- America is a "free market system", and people advertize out the wazoo, no restrictions, its all free enterprise. China is not, period end of sentence. BIDU may go (I personally think it will hit $150 before $250), but the Goggle analogies are WAY off base.

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      • "Here is the #1 thing to consider -- America is a "free market system", and people advertize out the wazoo, no restrictions, its all free enterprise. China is not, period end of sentence. "

        You are very wrong. China is now capitalism in a communism shell. China just keeps that shell to fool idiots to make them think it is still a communism so that it practices capitalism in a big way without being too consipicuous. Capitalism is well established in a coastal cities and will soon expand into inner cities of all sizes. That's why people (me included) are buying real estates in inner cities. Because urbannization is expanding fast in those areas.

        In this background, the audience for online ad is going to grow exponentially in China and the majority of business owners in China have not learned search ad yet. These factors make Baidu's grow future wide open.

        Compare Goog with Baidu is very relevant. I am just using 20% of Goog's market cap as a very conservative expectation, my gut feeling is somewhere 40-50% of Goog's cap today. That will make bidu's share price at more thatn $2,000 shares. So we still have 10 times to go.

        If you still believe China is a communist country, you are still living in the past. And that's the STUPIEST thing I haven't heard for a while! Wake up, believe in what you see, not what you mama taught 30 years ago.

    • I agree with your buy the weakness statement, but wait until after earnings. BIDU will follow GOOG regardless of future projections, there is no doubt that BIDU's future is bright...1.3 billion people. GOOG off $45+ now.

    • slow down the bourbon....these stocks are heading 20% lower in a short period of time....and will then be reasonably valued

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