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  • willygoat707 willygoat707 Jun 9, 2011 1:52 PM Flag

    Want to know why this price action?

    The stock is being shorted the h-ll out of. Just look at any daily chart. The scum fund shorts let it rise, or manipulate it to do so, and then they enter their orders at a high point to sell short. Then, they drive it down, and buy back low for considerable profits. Process is: repeat again and again.

    A sick, filthy market that screws any honest trader. I don't see any end to this in site. I'm screwed big time, huge.

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    • If Bidu goes to twenty then we know that the Chinese Stock bashing is finished. Joking, but only sort of. GLTA

    • WILLY. I run 3-5 min charts to make the most out of the day. Now the one thing you MUST understand is BIDU is STILL in a major downtrend Lower lows and lower highs. If we gap tommorrow sell my chartist guess is at some point we hit 117 tommorow. And eventually 115 (200) MDA but some people like me like stock support not averages support and stock support is 105

    • Your right..
      I'm sure you will get other replies that explains why your wrong but it's for sure your right.
      Just be happy you didn't buy the other 2 stocks I owned that lawsuits were taken out on and nothing will ever become of it.
      (cstr and abat) as long as nothing's done it will continue to be this way.
      Their buddy sells a million shares why their other buddy shorts it or vice versa.
      There is no telling how many millions were profited by the MM this week and who gives a s$%#@ about us.

      Good luck


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      • im sorry to hear about your trouble. but if you dont mind me saying i think that a day trader -- and when i say day trader i mean someone who is not a novice but a person who has placed lots and lots of day trades and knows what he's doing -- has a better chance with a fast moving stock because he's more aware of the "micro" movements and not just the "macro" movements. He's more nimble, better disciplined, has more of a plan. knows when to hold em and when to fold em. above all he know when the time is right to take a position. not just a macro position but a micro position. if you get my point. i dont mean large or small number of shares. im talking about predicting where the stock is going. if you're just thinking about where its going to be a month or two months from now that's the macro picture. if you're looking at the next thirty minutes that's the micro picture. even if you are thinking long range, you need to understand the micro picture to find the right entrance point. ... ... did you close that position yet?

    • CRAZY!

      Now, I don't know how to explain the straight line up from 2:00pm. Perhaps it is covering for option expiration tomorrow?

      I sold some, and then bought it back, because with this move up, I was afraid I may miss the end of consolidation/manipulation, and a move upwards will now begin.

      Am I right or wrong here? Or was it just option traders using an up day in the market to close their option positions at higher prices, worried that tomorrow it may start to tank again?

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