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  • cybercash28 cybercash28 Oct 13, 2011 5:10 PM Flag

    Earning will be great for BIDU

    Last quarter. GOOG was great and BIDU did great too. Same space.

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    • So I should get into BIDU in the morning at 132/135?

      I just lost 7% so can't afford another loss. I know BIDU is reporting on October 20th, but analysts are already claiming high expectations for the company. My question is, is it safer/better to buy BIDU or GOOG tomorrow for a quick 5-7% earnings. I am also considering SINA, but it just rose so quick and can drop quick too! Do you really think BIDU will hit 150 by October 21st (next week)? If GOOG opens at 600, is it a bad bet? My heartfelt thanks..

      *BIDU's P/E ratio is 60 to 1 , compared to Google's 19.5... why is this so?

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      • If you'd like further discussion of the strategy that myself and ucrying have recommended (including a sort-of dissenting opinion), I recommend this thread:

      • Sean....Sorry the 6 or 7 percent has already been made in after hours and I doubt it goes up another 6 or 7 percent...This stock will rise tommorrow and then a slow climb higher till we blow out earnings and then sell. Bidu always pulls back day or two after earnings...As long as Europe does not get crazy we should hv plenty of upside...With gap up in morning we will be past the 200 AND 50 day moving average I believe...Good luck all.

      • On your p/e question: it's Bidu's earnings and revenue growth rates that justify its higher valuation. The next 4 Q's are expected to total 100% higher net income than the trailing twelve months, and an estimated growth rate of 60%-ish between FY 2011 (approx $3 per share) and FY 2012 (approx $5). So depending on which 4 Q's you want to count as yr on yr, Bidu's PEG remains at or below 1.0,

      • One quick correction: Bidu reports October 27, 8pm.

        I really like your post; having gotten mashed more than my share of times, I know exactly how you feel and I want to help, if possible.

        In the interests of full disclosure, I'm a long term, buy and hold investor and a decade or so ago, when I did dabble in momentum trading, my results were only middling, the benefits mostly offset by the increased taxes.

        That said, if I were desperate for short term profits I would avoid buying Google tomorrow (opening, what, $590-ish, you figure?) due to the risk that the 'sell the news' effect will offset the phenomenal bounce from earnings within a day or two. Buying Bidu seems safer; it'll open up far less than Google, and it stands an excellent chance of rising between it's opening price tomorrow and its Oct 27th reporting date. At the close of business on the 27th, I'd take my (hopeful) profits and then switch sides and go short. Regardless of what you decide, I wish you good luck and great profits.

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