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  • hmmm26 hmmm26 Oct 14, 2011 5:19 PM Flag

    Huge Meetings all weekend- Baidu SINA

    Great post. Do you (or singal or anyone) know if the Central Committee is expected to discuss anything that might be harmful to Chinese corps' stock prices? Maybe the proper level of censorship, or, as singal mentions, any possible reforms for VIE's? Are representatives of bidu and/or sina actually present at these meetings, to give input, or is this strictly a Party-down operation. TIA.

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    • couldnt say.. and no one can with them.

      below link for when they come here in oct

      this weekend in china is where we get a glimpse into whats going on.. nothing ever black and white

      and u saw sina yesterday when ccp gve a NOD

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      • can you and i make a pact? if you hear anything from this weekend's meetings that you think might affect chinese stock prices monday (or even if you're just not sure whether something might have a price impact), can you re-post to this thread? i'll do the same if i hear about anything, and that way we'll have at least 2 pairs of eyes trying to peer into the fogged up darkness of a Central Committee meeting.

        lol, actually, trying to read Communist Party tea leaves seems kind of cool to me, like experiencing a flashback to the cold war.

        fwiw, i don't worry much about the sec/doj outright fraud investigation, since bidu uses ernst & young, one of the most respected accounting firms in the US, as their cpa's (sina and the other high cap chinese corp's listed in US have equally prestigious accountants - for fraud, it's small companies with no-name cpa's to fear). if there was anything dicey going on at bidu, e&y would immediately dump them as a client, since they would lose many more than one client if their reputation were harmed (another US accting firm, d&t, dumped chinese co. longtop financial for just that reason).

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