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  • eurosasa00 eurosasa00 Oct 29, 2011 11:49 PM Flag

    BIDU to pullback to 136 level - don't buy here


    BIDU will retrace to 136 level before going toward new 52 week high

    Smart trader would be patient and wait for the TECHNICAL chart pullback to 20, 100, or 200 day moving average

    just a suggestion if you want to maximize your profits and increase your chances of making money on the trade.


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    • This thread's gotten really hard to navigate. I propose we move the discussion to the new thread called "Continuing Euro's Technical Analysis".

    • we had nice pullback to 133…(just like I predicted using technical levels) and now it wants to go back to 150.

      Its going higher from here…133 level (200 DMA) held great, so retest 150 soon

      GL all

    • You have me chuckle. Options are hard, I only touch the beginner's part of that, and am still learning. I only sell calls and puts, and synthetic longs LEAP(buy call and sell put at the same time) for BIDU. I feel safer that way.

    • You are a brave man. I do not dare to long calls. Too risky for me, although the potential upside is huge. I only sell puts to lower my overall cost. I will hang onto my long position then, since I already miss the selling point. Appreciate your input.

    • Aloe,

      I don't sell puts. I just buy calls based on chart technical levels. (Buy calls - buy to open , then sell to close)

      I got BIDU today (this morning 3 130 DEC BIDU CALLS) when BIDU hit 200 day moving average (133$) and from here on, I know that 90% chance is that BIDU will go higher.

      LOOK at last 6 months - 200 DMA - and see that bidu hit 200 day mid june and mid aug and both times rebounded over 10% in following 2 weeks.

      I expect bidu to move toward 150 within 1-3 weeks and then I will take profits or if i foresee further movement above 150, i may hold 1 out of 3 calls and sell the other 2…

      Bidu held 133 level today,so to me this is bullish and BIDU will probably be around 150 short term.


      SELL OFF may stop tomorrow once Greece iron things out with EU folks and that could push market right back up…Who know. I expect that..

    • ok..can I buy here?

    • oh, right. my bad.

    • i mentioned i, too, was a slacker, right? well, here's an embarrassing, slacker secret of mine: i actually don't know how to trade options [blush], although i read option posts and i'm thinking about learning.

      as to bidu price specifically, this is just a pure guess, but i think being long is a superior position to be in tonight into the next couple days. it just feels like it wants to go up, and europe can't suck forever, can it? in fact, at mkt close, i re-bought 1/3 of the total shares of bidu that i sold on thursday.

      so, i suppose, transferred to your situation today, i wouldn't sell (ha, this must be like communicating with somebody that has multiple personality disorder, y?).

    • I meant to ask Euro.

    • prob more to do w/ luck than skill, but thanks anyway. i got sidetracked today from starting a 'will Bidu sell off after earnings and if so, how low might it go?' thread today, but i'll def post one tomorrow. have a good night, fellow slacker.

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