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  • cantdance123 cantdance123 Aug 31, 2012 5:55 PM Flag

    Some things to mull over regarding the "mighty" Quihoo"

    I was long in QIHU probably a year or maybe two years back and found myself disgusted with what was going on with their battle with Tencent. It seems that both CEOs had a real problem with their egos and both were very paranoid about each other. Soon, a war broke out where each one of them played a tit for tat game that seemed to have no end. It got so involved and nasty that the Chicoms had to break it up. They, not the courts or public opinion, decided that each company would get certain things and that the war was officially over - end of story. Just thought I'd bring this little tidbit up because there are some misguided folks out there that think this is some new brilliant strategy that's going to turn things around for Quihoo. In actuality, it's just another shot at another competitor that this CEO is famous for and doesn't really amount to a hill of beans. If it gets the attention of the government over there, they'll probably have to intervene again and maybe take this guy out to the woodshed. If BIDU drops some more and doesn't recover, it'll be for sound fundamentals, not the subjective prognostications of a few analysts who have their own self interests that none of us are aware of. When an analyst makes a negative call on a company, it isn't always based on deep research or provable events. He or she may be guided by their company's position in that stock or some other stock related to that one. Nuff said. Now you can pick apart my argument. I fully expect it but please, make it sound like you've at least given it some thought. No knee jerk reactions please.

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