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  • huge9988 huge9988 Sep 8, 2012 11:52 PM Flag

    Global Search Market Shares

    Baidu's gross profit only 1.68 B, Google's gross profit 24.7 B.

    Google has total cash 41 B, Baidu has only 2.8 B.

    Also, I can smell that Baidu Cloud and baidu Phone will be just burning cash for Baidu.

    And the most important, Baidu only can make money in China, that's not a good thing for investors. (You try to convince me baidu only works in China is good thing for investors?) Baidu tried to do business outside of China, such as Japan, but never made any money. Just burning cash.

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    • The Bidu CLOUD will be a HUGE money maker for them- Absolute Game Changer. I am hoping the phone thing will work, but it is exceptionally competitive. I am not counting on it. BIDU has excellent managment. Qihu is a Bee Sting bite. Hurts Google more than Bidu. BIDU is reaching to all parts of ASIA, Brazil, Argentina, Japan. The growth opportunity is enormous. I will bet on BIDU. The Naysayers really don't have a long term perspective. My dollar cost is $7, hoping to buy more soon. DON'T listen to the naysayers. BUY more and buy for the long term!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Sorry I made a mistake. The are in the top 10 in Taiwan, China, South Korea iand Hong Kong and in the top 20 in Japan. So the make a lot of money in those countries.
      Maybe you dont know, but how are the gonna burned cash if 50% of what they earned is profit? Each dollar the recieve 0.5 goes to cash. If the growth 50% over a year your number doesnt add up at all...

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