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  • investwisely1234 investwisely1234 Sep 12, 2012 3:24 PM Flag

    Bidu will go to 80 or lower, WHY? Read on

    It is called compitition, they are no longer the only search engin in China, so expect it to go down to 80 or even lower..

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    • I see your point.

    • Dude, first you have to learn how to spell. It's ... "Competition" "Engine"
      Just yanking your chain, I know it was a typo.
      1 Baidu has no competition. All that is #$%$
      2. Baidu is in China what Google is here in the states… King Of Search… Period!
      Everyone else is a day late and a dollar short.
      This drop is only temporary from MM and fools who believe all the #$%$

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    • Hehehe, Qihu was not the first one. Sohu was first and isnt a problem for Baidu!

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      • 1 Reply to habuso2002
      • If you have a little brain just think, why BIDU opened at $110 this morning then dropped like a falling rock in only 10 minutes to under $107 with no bad news? It was clearly mm ( market Maker ) pulled it down to steal more cheap shares from fools and weak holders. Qihoo 360 can absolutely not hurt Baidu anything, just a few stupid ANALYST to fool foolish people, I didn't buy stock of BIDU this few days but just pick up more Oct calls, I strongly believe BIDU will soon rebound back to $120-130, no later than Sept 30, and mm will dump QIHU within 3 weeks.

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    • Competition is good, just ask Google. It has a way of bringing out the best in a company along with innovation. Baidu never was the "Only search engine" in China, just the best as Google is here and that is why they dominate. See article on SA by Zhiang and comparisons of Qihu's search versus Baidu's and that will answer your questions. After an initial spike in search on Qihu from those curious to try it soon after levels returned to more normal. Now let us hear what market share Baidu is taking from Qihu on the introduction of their new high speed mobile browser and add in Baidu's cloud offering. Baidu has positioned themselves perfectly for the transition into mobile.

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      • Thank you for you insight, Dont get me wrong, My read is that for the time being it is seeing some price pressure which could go on for few more days or week or two, before you see it start to move higher.. Technicals are showing further weekness, I am long only 2k shares around 107, will add to position if it goes to 105 or lower..I can afford to wait for a while to see some healthy gains. Stock has taken a 30% errosion, has a potential of going back to 120plus in a month or two. It is very feasiable that by end of Oct it could be worth 138 or higher..Will post when technicals reverse..

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