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  • chriswitt95 chriswitt95 Dec 5, 2012 4:10 PM Flag

    SEC not being fair - hurting US citizens

    Just because China affilliates of US based accounting firms will not provide audit workpapers to the SEC, the filing companies and its investors should not suffer. There is a presumption of innocent until proven guilty. BIDU's annual and quarterly filings are timely and the content is adequate. The SEC action against the accounting firms should focus on those firms, not the corporations that have properly filed financial reports. The SEC actions should punish the accounting firms, not the corporations who have complied with filing requirements, and the investors in the stock.

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    • you think the sec really cares about the average person. its run by the rich for the rich. we small fry or their pawns to be reamed. the internet bubble, the housing bubble, and the financial bank scams under both bush presidents. haven't we learned anything yet. sec just another bureatic agency that sucks tax dollars but produces nothing in return but more problems and scams.

    • Apparently you are new to BIDU...This company has been pirating anything and everything they can under the sun....The company is shady as a shade can be...The stock is still tradin 6 times revenues so even if the numbers are (and they are completely fabricated) the stock is still expensive by over 30 dollars from here.........

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