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  • crvin31 crvin31 Dec 7, 2012 8:16 PM Flag

    they hold off the dumping on purpose let new bagholders buy then dump again more then ever

    How many times will the new fools fall for this, they have been writing articles screaming buy since 110... I repeat you can only add 20% of your position at 70, then some at 60, then 55, then 50 should hold but we will be in the 70's next week, competition and management in stand still mode is what is hurting Bidu, the three huge sellers remain. I'm still long AMZN, short Bidu...amzn has a 314 target, while I will start covering at 55-57 on Bidu unless the 3 huge sellers quit, (they have not stopped yet)

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    • Who are these "three huge sellers" ? Want to NAME them? In the absence of any real evidence, i don't see BIDU as being plagued by this, any more than many, many other stocks are right now. With the combination of this "Fiscal Cliff" stupidity, combined with the associated end-of-year tax selling going on, hundreds of stocks are being impacted. However, BIDU will NOT be driven into the 70's, as you suggest. BIDU shares haven't seen prices in the 70's since the summer of 2010 .... there's no reason to believe that there's enough selling pressure in the community to drive the price down anywhere close to those levels.

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      • I just started buying on Friday and will continue next week. This valuation from a pe, growth, free cash flow stance is too good to pass up but kicker is we just made a multi year low and we are down over 40% on the year while BiDU is having an amazing year....

        Worst is behind them and if it is going to continue down its first going back to the 105 area.

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