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  • robertramish Jan 17, 2013 1:24 PM Flag

    move over bidu

    qihu is about to encroach on your territory. And with the Chinese Gov. blessings

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    • RAMISH
      Ypu never get tired from this #$%$. BIDU train left you stranded and you are so angry. Get a life.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Do you follow the company Tencent(TCEHY)? It has been rising steadily, but there is no bid/ask shown during trading hours that I can see.

    • Still rooting for qihu, ramish?
      Since you are an owner, maybe you can critique the following for me: the point that the 10% "sudden growth" in search wasn't that sudden really, it was actually transfer of old indirect accounts....And I quote:
      "Qihoo's Indirect Market Share
      Note one subtle but very important consideration when looking at Qihoo's 10.5% market share in December 2012. Prior to August 2012 when Qihoo did not have its own search engine yet, Qihoo's browser (2nd most popular Internet browser in China behind Microsoft Internet Explorer) would recommend and direct search traffic to Google China (and other search engines) and receive a percentage of the revenue from the search referral. Therefore prior to August 2012, Qihoo already had some indirect market share in online search through these search referral arrangements. It was not as if Qihoo's search engine captured 10.5% market share overnight. Below is a table from Wall Street research that illustrates this point:

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