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  • brunno.mali brunno.mali Jul 14, 2013 9:54 PM Flag

    6 Wonderful Brilliant Women Jurors


    When I first started following this case, you knew from the beginning George Zimmerman was going to walk free. This for naught embarrassment to the Judicial System was only because it was advertised as White on Black crime, and we all know how well that sells. All one has to do is Google " 16 year old with a gun" or 17 year old or 14 year old and watch what comes up. How about one of you geniuses tell me how many Black teens shot and killed each other this past month. I'll give you one. In Buffalo New York last week a 14 year old Black shot and killed a 16 year old Black over street turf. This is a City with a 23% High School graduation rate. Google murders in Chicago. Wheres the outcry? The shame? The Reverend AL or Jesse? Now back to George. Anyone who spent anytime with the facts of this case had no doubt of the outcome, until the Jury was picked. What???? Six women? Some with children? No way George stands a chance. But wait a minute. Guess what these incredible women actually did. They took 16 hours and digested the facts as presented by both sides and miraculously came to the Not-Guilty verdict. I knew from the start that was the only verdict possible, but would have never guessed in a million years these fine ladies would deliver. Congratulations to Mr. George Zimmerman, The Defense Team and these six women with intelligence, fairness and common sense.

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