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  • bulls_make_meadow_muffins bulls_make_meadow_muffins May 5, 2011 9:28 PM Flag

    May be a good time to buy...

    Thinking about opening up a good size position on this. The timing may be about right, it has been flat for almost 3 years. The last big run was during the Greenchip promotion where it hit the 2.00 range.

    I think it will be due, for another promotion like that within perhaps 6 months. Plus, with news pending on the new engine design etc it may give it something to ride on.

    That kind of promotion plus the hype on message boards could get this thing running fast. Better to get in now, on the ground floor even if you have to wait a bit.

    Looking not to invest (as this Co. is a complete flop) but to trade it.

    Just a gut instinct, that's all...

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    • "Let's see if it gets orchestrated"

      Call it what you want but I am betting on it. They have mastered the art. Pay day 5-10 bagger is finally coming. Getting the momo jump started is the key. Timing is crucial.

    • "The potential for a momentum play is huge."

      The potential for a pump and dump is there, for sure. Let's see if it gets orchestrated.

    • bulls_make_meadow_muffins bulls_make_meadow_muffins Jun 1, 2011 11:00 AM Flag

      When you look at level 2, scroll down. There are two bids both for 5k shares one placed today and one on 5/10 for .0001 which is the lowest that a pink sheet stock can go.

      Perhaps it's a good strategy as you are certain to buy at the bottom.

      This is almost more scary than the fact that the last trade was at .13

      I don't care what you guys think, this thing is going to take off to the UP SIDE I have no doubt at all. Robertson & Co. have way to much at stake to let this thing go down to 0 and the MM's are not making any money. Something is going to give.

      The potential for a momentum play is huge.

    • Well, Some are buying today.
      RGUS & REGRF, Volume UP today quite a bit above average..
      Bulls, Your statement
      Looking not to invest "(as this Co. is a complete flop) but to trade it." You may be 50% right, but you have to give some credit to Reg Tech for bringing this technology, the RandMax this far forward on a shoestring Budget and still maintaining full control.
      This is NOT a Scam, as some people think, I have been following this
      Engine for about 20 years and have had my hands on 3 different Prototypes. I believe, as well as a few Engineers that are also LT Investors that they have it right this time.


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      • No no no...

        I'm a longtime holder of this stock.

        This isn't the 1800's folks. This is the age of rapid prototyping.

        I mean.. WTF? If I (ME) had a Swell idea for a new engine. For next to nothing.. with a 3D plan in hand.. could easily fab one. Probably even fab 100 of them.

        RGUS is playing games here. They must be.

        We will all be millionaires? I seriously don't think so. If the engine was all that..! Why not DUMP the current bag holders and start something new?

        This is a stock I wish I never heard of..

      • bulls_make_meadow_muffins bulls_make_meadow_muffins May 28, 2011 3:54 PM Flag

        Hi Bobby- until proven otherwise what I believed happened here was that when the idea of the engine first started it was 100% legitimate and with the intention of making a revolutionary engine. However and unfortunately the idea just could not pan out.
        Once Robertson realized this, he refused to let it go and move on. This may have happened more than ten years ago. He simply had too much invested in the Co.
        This happens all the time with penny stocks.

        Then, what happens is it becomes a trading tool for traders who either buy on momentum or short the stock (or both). The trading is often assisted by paid stock promotion companies and of course message board hype to spread the interest and buying.
        The cycles goes on and on, and as long as the "story" is good it can. RGUS has a great "story".

        This is why I would never buy into this with the fantasy of becoming rich with the engine that can change the world. To trade it for a quick buck and get out while the investors hold your wares is the only way and that is what I plan on doing.

        RGUS engine and patents have no value what so ever. Certainly not the 5 million dollar current market cap. Just a heap of metal junk at the most. Will they ever get it right?, nobody knows but I seriously doubt it.

        This thing is READY to MOVE UP. It's simply ripe for a run. Not sure how high it will run once it starts but will have my finger on the trigger real close.

      • bulls_make_meadow_muffins bulls_make_meadow_muffins May 28, 2011 3:26 PM Flag


      • Zero trades today, that is pretty pathetic for a company that is supposed to be on the verge of finally producing an engine. Nobody gives a hoot. That should tell you something about credibility here.

    • The track record of Robertson's companies over the past 20 or 30 years is 100% loser. I'm serious. Check it out. Doesn't that raise a red flag in your world?

    • I believe everyone sitting on the fence is waiting on the outcome of the testing of the NEW PROTOTYPE. They want to see the $$ GREEN before
      getting their TOES wet, Well I can't blame them for that, that is the safest way to invest, but I can't afford to wait until then, because IF and When PROVEN , with such a low amount of free trading shares the PPS IS Defendantly going to the MOON. Some LT (20 year Investors), like me, but are also Engineers are still buying although already loaded up, in my estimation and some of them are predicting any where from $ 100 to $ 1,000 per share upon accreditation of the RandMax engine. Don't forget The Pump and Compressor that has been proven, Reg still has them.


      GTL we may all be Millionaires before the end of the YEAR

    • Why is there no volume in this stock then? I mean, as in "zero"? What does that tell a person?

    • potato -> potatoes

      photo -> photoes

      Ok I get it.

    • Those photoes are really enlightning!!! It makes me wonder how I could have possible doubted the project.

    • If you are seriously interested in buying,
      NOW is the time as The RadMax should be ready for the initial build by the end of this month and hopefully tests results by the end of July!
      Then IF successful, I believe it may well jump to $10.00 + and if not drop to $ 0.10-, don't forget this is a new design that took thirteen engineers approximately three years to develop and they also have the Pump and Compressor. There is far to many credible people and companies involved in this latest prototype to be a Scam.

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      • "There is far to many credible people and companies involved in this latest prototype to be a Scam". You make a good point. Since you apparently follow this company closely, maybe you could comment on this concern: None of these companies, that I am aware of, has put up any money, actually they have been paid by the company for their work so they have nothing to lose. The individuals as well have been paid by the company. If I have this right, it would seem to diminish your point.

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