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    CTC Cable inks manufacturing agreement with PT Tranka

    Composite Technology Corporation announced that its CTC Cable subsidiary has signed another manufacturing agreement with an overhead conductor manufacturer in Indonesia. The agreement with PT Tranka Kabel sets out the process for the qualification of the manufacturer as an ACCC conductor aluminum wire strander and governs the commercial stranding of ACCC conductors for the Indonesian market.

    The agreement also establishes terms to provide stranding services for CTC Cable to export to other markets. The full operation of the agreement is contingent upon PT Tranka Kabel successfully passing qualification requirements.

    PT Tranka Kabel has already manufactured qualification samples and it is anticipated it will complete the process of qualification in the first half of calendar 2009. The agreement provides for the stranders to assume much of the Indonesian country risks of foreign exchange and payment making the servicing of this market by CTC Cable simpler and more effective. ACCC composite core production will continue at CTC Cable's ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities in Irvine, California, where capacities have been expanded in recent months in anticipation of increased demand. CTC Cable will continue to provide support and training of installers for the Indonesian market.

    Mr Marv Sepe president of CTC Cable and COO of Composite Technology Corporation said that "We are pleased to add another high quality stranding source for the Indonesian market. Indonesia has a well defined plan for electrical transmission expansion. With the addition of local standing capacity we will be well positioned to serve the growing market."

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    • Just for the record, are you an insider or have you been receiving information from any insider or insiders at CTC, or have you been or will you be compensated in any way for your posting on Raging Bull?

    • not only of interest but shows continued developemental buildout throughout many growth regions...need for power and change in mentality by companies wishing to position and garner growth in the alternative energy sector...making ready for growth.

      like the news and provides continued interest from cable and energy manufacturers

      good trades to all

    • Booze, even if you don't think Kx and I will believe you, that's still no excuse for dodging the question. Why don't you answer the question for others who have been following this exchange and who presumably would believe you? I mean, there are some people out there who believe you, like Craps and Richie, right?

      So, just for the record and for those who want to believe you, are you an insider or have you been receiving information from any insider or insiders at CTC, or have you been or will you be compensated in any way for your posting on Raging Bull?

    • KX, You're just be silly now- you silly willy you. Don't you understand that all the DeWind side of the business needs to do to be a profitable business is to move over say $20 million dollars in expenses to the corporate side, and VOILA they are now a profitable division. Of course BW will need to work on the "Corporate Division" but now that he has 2 profitable divisions going for him, then he can now spend some time working on the Corporate Division.

      Better yet, he just spins off the money losing Corporate division to a 3rd party, leaving him with 2 profitable divisions, Core and DeWind.

      Come on now KX, you're smarter that that. How come you didn't see this possibility? Then we have 10 bagger for sure and SOON !

    • Booze, are you an insider or have you been receiving information from any insider or insiders at CTC, or have you been or will you be compensated in any way for your posting on that board?

    • A little history on PT Tranka.They are a first class co. They would not be hooking up with Cptc unless there was a real confidence in ACCC wire and with Cptc themselves.
      makes me wonder where mercury is with their sales and qualifications.
      General Profile
      Founded in 1952, PT.Tranka Kabel is the first cable manufacturer in Indonesia Its continued success through 5 decades lies in the company comitment to quality. Today PT.Tranka Kabel's Company Motto:" The Quality Pioneer". As the country started industrialization in 1970's, the need for national expansion into infrastructure was apparent, therefore, pioneer cable companies like PT Tranka Kabel played a very important role in providing both electrical and telecommunications cable for this need

      • 1 Reply to wl2win1
      • As the FIRST cable manufacturer in Indonesia, PT Tranka Kabel is also the First Cable Manufacturer to achieve the ISO Certification. Ever since its establishment, PT Tranka Kabel has always been faithful to its strong commitment to quality at level of production line. "The Quality Pioneer" is very aptly addressed to the company. This no doubt is a strong basis to successfully face ever-increasing global competition. TQC (Total Quality Control) and QCC's (Quality Control Circles) have been implemented in our management. Our QCC's have been active in the company since 1981 and have participated in conventions from regional to national, and even to international levels. Integrated quality control commences from the selection of raw materials to close supervision to every step of the many processes along the production line. And finally uncompromising quality control that is exerted to each finished product are obvious not only from which raw materials they are made of but also from the high grade of workmanship which goes into their construction.

    • Indonesia looking to spur more growth just lowered their interest rate to 8.25% for the third month in a row. Let's hope they are looking to redo their grid for a stimulus.As we partner with Pt Tranka Kabel

    • Merga, hence the "rattling around". If you were to plot the press releases against the PPS you would see that until the last year they were in lock-step. You had people actually coming onto these boards and praying for PRs that would kick off a rally. You also had far more insidious activity from some rather smarmy posters as well, posters who would not admit, for example, that they had received 300,000 shares of stock for "services rendered", etc.

      If you are looking for a stock to get a pop on a rally, always short-lived, then this is the stock... but at what entry point? Back when the stock was trading between a buck and two I used to joke that "Mr. William R. Valentine" of Duke & Duke in Philadelphia has set the price at $.75. I was constantly derided, told we would never see that price again, just as I was my recent prediction here about the 10K/CC sequence, yet on two occasions it got back almost precisely there and on the third it... well, here we are.

      So, with enough time my critics sometimes end up being correct because indeed we will never see $.75 again, especially after the next two PIPEs I have predicted, one small one before the annual meeting where they will tell us there is no further need for financing and then another much larger one a month or two later. But will that rally be from thirty cents to sixty five, or a nickle to thirty? Good question. One thing is for sure, there will be at least one more good rally out of this stock... the last one. The last one that enables Benton Ein Gang to cash in and follow Mike Porter to wherever the next caper is to be planned, the last one after which we learn, like the XRG rally, that it was all based upon false assumptions they gleefully place in the shareholders heads... assumptions that customers will actually pay for just-announced orders or that the company would let us know in a timely manner when announced deals went south.

      For example, go back over the list of CTC PRs about the Cuxhaven turbine erection... blades beginning to turn, power mioving into the grid, certification, etc., and two years later buried in the "risk factors" we learn that the performance testing was never completed and on page 81 of the 10K you find they have written the whole thing off supposedly because a building was erected nearby? Really? Do they have any permitting process over there, I mean is there any possibility they could have known two years ago that somebody was planning to erect a skyscraper upwind of their site, and somehow that all occuured in less than two years and conveniently in time so that they couldn't finish their performance testing? This is just another example of an impossible to verify "environmental disaster" excuse, because if it were real we would have known about it long before the fact. After all, they're always suing people, why didn't they go to court to have that building permit denied or something. As that building was being built, why were we not told about it in a 10Q or CC, "a building is being erected that may interfere with our performance testing and we are evaluating whether we should sue, or relocate the turbine", etc. Did the damn thing pop up like a daisy overnight? This, plus the obvious customer preference for the legacy D8 over the D8.2 would lead anybody with half a brain, or half a wing in Fromage's case, to concluded these guys are lying to us, the D8.2 failed to perform to expectations and specifications and is a flop. Hence the D9... the next flame for you moths to fly into.

      How's that Sweetwater unit doing? Did they ever pay us the $2.5 million we were supposed to get "at the conclusion of the program"? Nothing but crickets, and that is not a good sign.

    • doom - re the FKI suit "In this event, certain key assets of the Company may be at risk primarily the D8.2 50 hertz prototype, certain portions of the acquired intellectual property and rights to payments under our turbine licensing agreements with our turbine partners in China."

      sounds like they could loose the prototype and potentially IP related to the D6 that they licensed to the China Co.

      are you trying to stretch that into something else??

    • TeeDoom,

      Very insightful post. Thank you. Intersting thoughts on the D8.2 regarding efficiencies and competitivity (or lack thereof). And I've never understood the litigation well enough,so the more thoughts offered, the better.

      So here I am, quite long, seeing positive developments, what appears to be a great novel cable product gaining traction world-wide, the possibility of a great "pop" in the U.S. from an Obama economic plan about to be spelled out in greater detail, but these positive things competing and contrasting against a poor management track record and many folks now with serious concerns about not only management's competence but also management's honesty. I can sell on history and management concerns, or hold on the positive prospects. Nothing worse that the fog of these contrasts and discrepancies....

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