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  • pennywise6678 pennywise6678 Jan 19, 2009 6:50 PM Flag

    Goldstein Watch

    Well...another year, another big ol' chunk of Steve Goldstein's stock is sold off. Let's see how he did this year:
    12/9/08: 5,000 shares @ $2.46-$2.55 per share
    12/11/08: 11,000 shares @ $2.40-$2.41 per share
    12/15/08: 4,900 shares @ $2.00 - $2.05 per share
    12/16/08: 17,986 shares @ $1.74 - $2.02 per share

    Share price currently stands at about a buck-fitty. Hope the rest of you caught on to the pattern....I've been shorting this dog stock in November for the past two years to catch the "Annual Goldstein Bomb" in December. 50% returns in about 2 months. Thanking you kindly for the happy, happy holidays yet again this year--keep up the great work, Steve!

    Gawd help the suckers who bought his shares....

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    • No previous note of your short so it's suspect. Why wouldn't you have shorted in September when it was at $6.? But I do credit you for your diligence over time in calling attention to his predictability- good work.

      The current price though- IMHO- reflects poor revenues and poor anticipated performance and is likely still a good short in the buck eighty range. It's budget season and the cuts are coming in the next two weeks. It will be interesting to see the extent of that. But the split will result in further decline so...

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