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  • peoplethefree peoplethefree Jun 8, 2007 12:18 AM Flag

    Yahoo! spam for yourself

    every board i go to is littered with these pumping, dumping, phishing, scamming, worthless POS spam links to websites....

    I start posting replies to these messages on various boards talking about how much I hate spam and people should come to with me where they encourage users to 'put up or shut up' as they say....

    Granted, a form of spam in itself, still....

    They erase ALL of my messages and leave ALL of the messages I was replying to...

    I'm trying to spread word about a site I'm genuinely interested in and want more people to use. I'm a real person. They delete me.

    These other guys are obvious scumbags with automatic robot texts that spread across every board on Yahoo!, yet they remain.

    Watch for yourself for this message to disappear, but all these other trash spam posts to remain. WTF?! Why would big bad ole Yahoo! be so deathly afraid of such a itsy bitsy witsy up and coming site like ?


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