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  • cocoapotomac cocoapotomac Feb 26, 2009 10:21 AM Flag

    Pay cuts

    announced 5% across the board starting 3/13. Gee- do ya think this next earnings announcement is going to be good? Yet- no word on a pay cut for Mr. ed yet....

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    • Very insightful, I am sure you are truly one of the great hopes of the future generation.

    • Obamas' fault right Bob? What did Rush say today?

    • Lars, give me a break, I didn't "screw you over". This guy came into this board with a huge chip on his shoulder, I called him out and then he went off on a tangent on age? I called his rants ignorant, and I stand by that. He offered a lame appology to me, all the while inferring he was the injured party. He gets no slack or respect from me.

    • I agree. Fun huh?

    • My dad used to tell me to eat milk toast when I got like that. Calms the tummy.

    • ...and apparently he intends to keep it up. Cocoa, I apologize for calling you out. You are the bigger person for apologizing. Bob - I had your back and you screwed me over. Unbelievable.

    • Now this is a post I can relate to! While I agree there is nothing wrong with prodding or pushing the envelope, your posts (at least the ones I've seen) give the impression of someone who's not a fan of the company.

      The thing is, how do you combine innovative thinking with a conservative approach? Saga is in the position they are today which, as tenuous as it is at the moment, is much better than many of their competitors because of that philosophy. Keep in mind the broadcast industry just completed the digital conversion project. I don't know how many companies are in the mood at the moment to embark on another expensive experiment, whatever it may be, especially in this climate.

      The pay cuts are not pretty or pleasant, but they're a far cry better than the slash and burn Clear Channel pulled a few weeks back. I don't see a 'status quo' in two years, in radio or any other industry. I believe we are living in a period of upheaval and the landscape will be vastly different in two years.

    • you have such a pathetic life that you need to try to denigrate people based on age! I am sure you are sooo smart, did you invent the internet, or was that your dem buddies? I am sure only someone as young and immature as you obviously are is smart enough to make big money in this industry at this time!

    • He started it... (whine whine)... called me ignorant. But... ok well... I'm sorry Bob.

      No hatred. A sincere interest in seeing this bastion of class maintain itself. Nothing wrong with prodding them a bit to think more is there? They've seemed acutely out of it. Even apologetic. I really think they can do more than the CC Bain investor hacks- innovation- new ideas come from smaller companies like this. But they seem to be falling into the same "banker" led P & L format for dealing with the times.

      I think this is one of the few companies who could've afforded to experiment due to their patience with formats and personnel. But alas- that conservativism could be their undoing. Do you think it will just be the status quo only a better market two years from now?

    • Well...aren't you a fun little guy cocoa? You do seem to have issues with anyone over the age of what? 18? 21? Why the need to resort to personal attacks? Someone who is as obviously well-informed, educated and intelligent as you are can certainly do better than that.

      I haven't checked, but are you on the Citadel, Regent, Clear Channel and other boards too, or do you have a special hatred for Saga?

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