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  • JEFF62703 JEFF62703 Aug 20, 1998 5:13 PM Flag


    mr. Ed christian
    i could not get a response
    from you by faxing
    your office. I noticed you did
    respond here, so
    thought i would give it a try. I have
    on your radio stations in my area and
    other stations locally. I have never been treated so
    unprofessionally or rudely as i have been by your staff. My fax to
    you was dated july 7th. I also faxed mr. Goldstein on
    august 14th. I have not heard back from him either. I do
    not know if anyone cares how clients are being
    treated. From the response i have received locally and
    lack of response from saga, my impression is that you
    do not.

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    • You are rite-on---the other board. thanks

    • That wouldn't surprise me. Both OmahaI and
      What_a_Maroon spell certain words British style. Words like
      "favour" and "rumour". Both write extremely well. I think
      they are the same dude.

      By the way. I own SGA
      longer than any other stock in my portfolio (and there
      are lots of them). Keep up the good work, Mr.
      EdRadioTV! I'll bet on the tortoise over the hare anyday!
      Who needs INF. I want my SGA!

    • I believe that you have been contacted by both
      Jack Swart, our Vice President and General Manager for
      Capitol Radio Group and our Director of Sales, Andrew
      Powaski. I forwared your note to them.. This is not a
      proper forum to discuss billing discrepancies on weight
      loss advertising. This is best handled at the station
      level. We have no information concerning your weight
      loss program at our corporate offices. However, you
      have made us aware that there is a discrepancy on both
      sides as to your advertising. I am genuinely sorry to
      hear that you believe that you were unfairly treated
      and will again advise Mr. Swart and Mr. Powaski. I am
      hopeful that all all three of you can resolve the
      advertising and billing discrepancies. It would be
      inapprorpiate for us to run their business but it is
      appropriate for us to advise them of your contact to us. We
      did so and will do so again. Additionally, regarding
      your fax to Steve Goldstein, Mr. Goldstein is
      Executive Vice President of the Company and is
      headquartered in our office in Connecticut. His involvement
      with the company is on the programming side and not on
      the sales side. If you have a programming issue, he
      would be the appropriate person to contact. The proper
      person would have been Warren Lada, our Vice President
      for Operations. Should you wish to call him you may
      do so at 313-886-7070. We like to hear from all of
      our clients, both good and bad. I do not discount
      what you are saying, but believe that this is an
      isolated incident and that it can be resolved. As I said,
      this is not an area to discuss sales issues but I do
      welcome your phone call.

      Ed Christian

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      • So what's happening in Iceland? Help me out, is
        Iceland icy, or is it green? Or is that Greenland? I
        always get confused about that.

        Does Saga have a
        web site? Can we learn more about the Icelandic
        venture there? Are there any other artists from Iceland
        besides Bjork? I once found a website devoted to Iceland
        (sponsored by the government, I think). The web site
        actually had radio programming (not live, but prerecordrd,
        I think) in Icelandic! It was cool, but I couldn't
        understand a word.

        Factoid: Population of Rejkevick:

        Thank you for your indulgence. I think
        Iceland is like a big, undiscovered jewel.

      • ed christian
        thank you for responding. My
        problem is not a billing problem, but is a programming,
        contractual problem. My only billing problem is that i cannot
        get a corret bill. My real problem is that capitol
        radio group did not
        fulfill their contract to me in
        april. The response i got from jack swart was to sue the
        station. I understand your position, but feel you maybe
        getting incorrect information, since you thought this was
        only about a bill.
        thank you again for responding
        to me and providing the proper person for me to

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