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  • Martin4716 Martin4716 Nov 2, 1998 9:27 AM Flag

    Question for Ed Christian

    By all conventional cash flow methods of valuing
    media companies, SGA is very undervalued.

    So Ed,
    Do you have any plans for righting this inbalance in
    the universe to the benefit of us loyal

    Thank you in advance.

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    • Staff on First Union Securities.
      SGA Reiterated Buy, raising 00 est $1.23 to $1.30, target $26.

    • Reporter on Analyst Actions.
      SGA First Union Capital Markets Buy.

    • Mr. Turd,

      you know nothing about the radio industry..

      mgmt is among the best around...

      why so angry?

    • Dear Mr. Fork,

      I'm the Executive VP of
      Saga Communications and wondering about your rating
      reference. We had an excellent series of rating books in the
      spring --especially in our larger markets in which we
      ranked in the top two among adults 25-54.

      ratings are healthy -- the company is healthy

    • Mr. turdfork, because SGA reached a 52 week high
      today. So much for your drivel. I've owned this stock
      for a long friggin time, and as far as I'm concerned,
      Big Ed is the Man!!! Keep up the good work, mon
      vieux. And do me a favor. Say something in

      I think it's so cool that we own an interest in six
      Icelandic radio stations! How cool is that? I hear
      Icelandic babes are smokin!

      Remember, Iceland is
      green, and Greenland is icy.

      So where we buying
      radio stations next? Siberia?

      Hey, Big Ed, keep
      doing what you're doing. For all I care you can buy ice
      from the Eskimos, as long as the stock price keeps
      going up, up, up!

      /s/ your biggest

    • Retail was pretty weak yesterday and with no
      really good reason. Most retailers
      released great
      numbers and great same store sales figures. Why did they
      off too? Just caught up in a lousy market. We
      cannot think of one reason that
      WMT would fall after
      the numbers they released a few weeks ago but�that's
      market for you! So, when the overall market
      tone shapes up we think the retailers
      listed will
      do alright. Keep an eye on FD after that news blurb
      about buying into
      an online company. They might get
      some attention. We like WMT, HD, CC, BBY, GPS,

      TIF, AMES, CVS, RAD, and the long

      Memorable Plays:
      We suggested NSOL, CNET, and CMGI on
      3/8/99 (+40), (+40), and (+47 1/2) respectively. Not to
      mention EPAY on 3/15/99(+21 57/64).

      For more
      info and some possible plays for the rest of the week Free two-week trial newsletter and full access to
      the site.

    • We continually work towards improving our
      company. We believe that the fundamentals of a well run
      company are refelcted in the price of its stock. If you
      look at a chart of the last six years since we became
      a public company, I think that you will find that
      our investors have seen increases in the price of
      their stock.

      We don't believe in quick fixes
      for the price of the stock. You will never see this
      company engage in "stunting" to run up the price. Good
      stations and good operations will win in the long term
      benefit shareholders.

      • 1 Reply to edradiotv
      • Thank you for participating in this board, boring
        as the board may seem at times. Any way, I was
        getting a little impatient, since earlier this month, it
        seemed like the market was throwing a party, and
        shareholders of SGA were not invited. Of course we also missed
        the market carnage that occured late this

        Still, SGA seems undervalued compared with some of the
        higher cap radio and TV media companies. I'm sure its
        just a market cap thing, that will eventually be
        corrected once small caps realize their true relative value
        to the larger caps in the market place.

        can't argue with steady and consistent growth, so kudos
        to you.

        Mr Radiotv, don't be a stranger to
        this board.

        Oh by the way, is the fact that
        Yahoo does not list insider transactions for SGA mean
        that there are none or is this just an AMEX thing?

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