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  • WJW_keystone WJW_keystone Oct 19, 2000 11:45 AM Flag

    In support of Saga stock and it's CEO

    Today was the first I've ever looked at the
    Yahoo! Message Boards for Saga. I do hold a small
    position in the company and have always (still do) feel
    good that it's an EXCELLENT company. I also read, with
    amusement, the Cumulus message boards. Cumulus is to Saga
    what apples are to oranges; both are publicly owned
    broadcast companies but one, Saga, is a REAL player and the
    other, Cumulus, is a mess. Both companies have
    outstanding CEO's; Lew Dickey at Cumulus and Ed Christian at
    Saga. Both have grown their respective companies's where the metal meets the road...Ed's company is
    solid in every way you can possibly measure a company
    and Cumulus is fighting for it's very

    I formally complained to Yahoo! about a poster on
    the Cumulus board who posted as Lew Dickey, it's CEO,
    as being misleading at best and illegal at worst.
    Someone posted on Cumulus's board that at least Ed
    Christian (the REAL Ed Christian) posts on Saga's board and
    "proudly discusses his company with both supporters and
    cynics!" After reading the Saga boards today I'd agree
    that is correct.

    I personally know Ed and his
    company is a supplier to ours. I also personally
    consulted, for years, the station Ed's company bought in Des
    Moines, and Saga has built that station to levels it
    NEVER saw before his event Saga has
    sucessfully done repeatedly over and over and over year after
    year after year...the mark of a GREAT company!
    the poster "Staffordites" I suggest you have a clear
    conflict of interests (you're a buyer in a market served
    by Saga) and you must have some axe to grind despite
    your post to the contrary. You will rarely in your
    lifetime be able to have discourse with somebody as smart
    and honest as Ed Christian. Get a life!
    To anyone
    else considering whether to buy, hold, or sell your
    Saga shares, I suggest you determine what you want to
    do based on facts, not pointed jabs or irrational

    Saga, in my mind, is the best publicly held Broadcast
    Company in America; Susquehanna Broadcating, and the
    company I had the pleasure of working in prior to buying
    our own Broadcast Company, gets my vote as the best
    multiple market privately held Broadcast

    WJW- Fairfield Broadcasting Company

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    • My name is Sam Bush. I am the Chief Financial
      Officer of Saga. I want to reply to what appears to be
      some confusion about several statements made by the
      Chairman of our company in previous email messages. The
      use of 12+ numbers by Mr.Christian in his previous
      posting and by our company in the recent press release
      are two entirely different uses. Ed's statement is
      and remains true that 12+ numbers are not used very
      often in the purchasing of advertising by agencies or
      even directly by the advertiser. Thus, Ed and I stand
      by his previous comments. In the press release
      announcing our most recent acquisitions, the 12+ number is
      used only as an Arbitron measure of the size of the
      market (population). In this case it is relevant.

      I hope this clarifies the

      Additionally, in light of the new SEC Regulation FD which
      becomes effective on October 23, 2000, Saga is adopting a
      policy that management will no longer comment on this or
      any message board. As always, Saga appreciates the
      loyalty of our investors, employees and business partners
      and will continue to keep you informed on the
      progress of the company through press releases and
      conference calls.

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