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  • drtightwad drtightwad Feb 10, 2013 4:25 PM Flag

    Start-Stop tid bits

    As automakers stretch to improve fuel economy, consumers will face all sorts of new technology including one that will take some getting used to because it shuts the engine down at red-lights.

    As many as 8 million vehicles sold in the United States will have the so-called "stop-start "technology by 2017, according to a study released by Lux Research, an independent research firm that monitors emerging technologies.

    Stop-start systems are common in Europe, which has long been ahead of the U.S. on fuel efficiency, but so far it is in only a few vehicles in the U.S. Is it worth it? Start-stop can improve fuel economy by as much as 12 percent, according to AAA.

    In response to climate change, governments around the world are increasing environmental regulations on vehicles to improve vehicle fuel economy and reduce emissions. For example, Europe has stipulated that by 2012, emissions from 65 percent of vehicles on its roads be reduced to 130 grams of CO2 per kilometer. By 2015, the number of vehicles expected to conform is 100 percent, followed by a mandate that by 2020 CO2 emissions be dropped to 95 g/km.

    Start-Stop technology helps cars do just that. The engine shuts off when the driver stops for a red light or heavy traffic. There’s no idling, no fuel consumed, no emissions. The engine restarts when the driver puts the car back in gear.

    The growth opportunity is enormous. By 2015, more than 35 million Start-Stop vehicles globally will be built each year.

    Start-Stop is becoming a rapidly adopted technology. By 2015, it is estimated that 70 percent of the cars in Europe alone will have Start-Stop technology. Globally, the market is expected to exceed 35 million Start-Stop batteries.

    connect the dots = Currently Johnson Controls INC offers a battery module solution {I believe their module is a hybrid battery technology {lead acid / lithium} Exide and Maxwell are working on a hybrid battery module that includes an integrated ultracapicitor! I believe at least one {if not all} of the US BIG 3 Detroit auto companies have a 48 volt robust hybrid battery module that integrates an ultracap. While this investor has no idea if that ultracap is Maxwell's, this chartist knows that Maxwell is the only USA listed company making them. Let's hope the "made in the USA" model benefits the company.

    ps: the chart remains bullish after the breakout above the $8.88 area with confirming volume


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    • drtightwad: thanks for the posting and your comments. You said something intriguing:

      I believe at least one {if not all} of the US BIG 3 Detroit auto companies have a 48 volt robust hybrid battery module that integrates an ultracap.

      What can you tell us about the transition from 12 V to 48 V? It's been discussed for nearly a decade, but never gone anywhere? What makes you believe there's an ultracap involved?

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Hey Drtightwad your analysis makes sense. I have a limit sell order if it reaches around that price. To bad Europe is in a recession. Long term MXWL could be explosive if there ultra become universal. Be nice to see a good earnings report and as the year progresses more revenue.

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