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  • xvestor1 xvestor1 Feb 8, 2007 12:19 AM Flag

    Life After D&B... There is Life!!!

    For those of you owning stock... Go Long! D&B is a strong stock and it has every manager focused on making sure the stock value continues going up.

    For those of you working and soon to be let go, I have news for you. Do not worry at all. You have no idea what awaits. After a 13-year career from clerk to director; United States and the international arena, I certainly helped the stock go up.

    After making the company millions in sales, one day was awaken with the news my position was eliminated. I repeat, I made the company millions in new product offerings and still they thought the position was not crucial. "New opportunities" came up and there was no choice but to accept.

    I remember when a credit report was more than one-page long. I know because, at one point, I made them. I personally spent time with business owners (in person) analyzing their business, financial statements, projections, etc. This was the D&B everyone admired. The D&B the founders envisioned. Business owners were proud to be listed (at no cost) and information customers appreciated and valued the products offered.

    I remember one time at a dinner with Terry Taylor, former CHB, where I tried to convinced him to leverage the power of the internet (1995). The answer: what internet? No one would use it. The rest, ladies and gentlemen, is history. Needless to say, I feel for many of you who are trapped.

    At my last position, I lost my director position for not agreeing to work 6 days per week. D&B now sells its D-U-N-S numbers. Who would have thought. The focus has changed 360 degrees. Before the focus was on information quality. Now the focus is on revenue. What can we sell to Mr/Ms business owner today? Would it be monitoring service or would it be charging for adding more credit references.

    The definition of Credit should the trust one man deposits in another man. D&B was trusted by the credit industry. Now it is trusted by its shareholders. As I said above, great stock if you are an investor.

    In closing, there is definitely live after D&B. And that life is good. I left voluntarily after buying a business. I can remember hearing all my colleagues place bets on me on how long I would last in business and how long it would take for me to knock on Mother Dun's door again.

    Life is still good without D&B. I know this is not a let's-bah-D&B forum but for those of you who own stock or are ready to exercise your options, do it yesterday, because tomorrow you may not have a job or the right to exercise them.

    I am sorry to see D&B transform into D&B Disinformation Sales Services.

    R.I.P D&B

    Ex-D&B'er and Happy to Be One!!

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