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  • daisy.shirley daisy.shirley Dec 24, 2008 1:51 PM Flag


    This company is really creepy. It's whithering away, with much of its staff laid off, and the those remaining demoralized. Yet, little commentary on this board. Are the employees that apathetic, or more than likely that fearful?

    Has anyone been to the HQ? Is it as sterile, and their management is creepy?

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    • What's motivating all the cost cutting? With US equities down 30-40% in the last 12 months, I don't see a lot of external pressure to micromanage D&B financial results. In general, D&B business results have held up fairly well due to the lack of viable substitutes for D&B products.

      The company seems to have a myopic focus on near-term results instead of thinking strategically for the long run.

      It's also hard to see Alesio as a tenable long-term CEO with all the gutwrenching org moves he's pushing through.

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      • The cost cutting is simple - Steve promised everyone that the company is recession proof. Philosopy is to make the bottom line number of EPS regardless of the top line #. So 425 people were let go and (I'm sure) a list of projects have been cancelled that would have given significant revenue in years to come.

        The one item that is obvious is that all the large banks (ex. Citi) have cut their marketing spends due to not pushing products to new customers in 2009, most are in survival mode at this point - only buying risk. Marketing is the growth engine for D&B and it will come short in the next 18 months.

        No matter what anyone says, Alesio is merely a manager, not a leader. It wouldn't take much to outdo him as CEO.

      • It's been a couple of years since I left Parisipany and i haven't kept in touch, what is left there? I know a lot of in house applications were going then is there anyone still doing DITK, eRAM, GDW stuff anymore?

    • There is no action here cause the employees that are there now dont even know this board exists. They are all new and turnover is continuing. This was the 1st year dnb did not have a xmas party and gave no raises. Its become a revolving door since you get fired if you miss your numbers, and thats on a monthly basis.

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