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  • notsaramathew notsaramathew Jun 3, 2012 2:03 AM Flag

    D&B Announces Leadership Changes...

    Is this typical of S&P 500 Companies? Maybe it is. Answers?

    From Company Press Releases
    2/4/2009: "James P. Burke is appointed President, Global Information Services and Chief Quality Officer" [GONE]

    Jun 23, 2009: D&B Announces George Stoeckert to join as President, D&B North America [GONE]

    Nov 12, 2009: D&B Announces Leadership Changes to Drive Sustainable Growth and Innovation:
    - James H. Delaney is appointed President, Global Sales & Marketing Solutions* (S&MS). [GONE]
    - Charles E. Gottdiener is appointed, President, Corporate Development & Chief Strategy Officer [GONE]
    * James H. Delaney's Replacement was Hyune Hand [GONE]
    HEADS of Risk Management Products -- Where do they go?
    - Amy Macintosh - GONE (2004)
    - Jim Burke - (Launched Subscription Pricing) GONE (2009)
    - David Palmieri (Launched DNBi) - GONE (2009)
    - Sean Cunningham - GONE (2010)
    - Jonathan Cherins - GONE (2011)
    Feb 28, 2007: D&B Announces Executive Appointments to Drive Implementation of Strategy
    - Anastasios Konidaris promoted to Chief Financial Officer [GONE]
    - David Lewinter, formerly General Counsel, assumes role as Leader, Global Reengineering [GONE]

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    • deena.marie Jun 7, 2012 10:49 PM Flag

      What I find amazing is how many absolutely horrible mid level and senior level district sales managers are still with the organization. When I was there I saw so many talented sales and account managers get chased away while these managers stay and continue to miss their numbers and lose market share year after year. They blame the sales staff and account managers who get laid off and or leave when they get the threatening letters. They then hire new people who stay for a year or two before they realize the place is a disaster and move on or get laid off because they can't hit impossible metrics. Same results with the different people. I know the story of sales manager who missed his number one year with not one person on a large team make their individual goal who is still there. This would not be possible in a well run organization. Cycling in new people and blaming them instead of getting rid of problem management who are threatened by anyone who does not buy into doing things their way. The crazy thing is that many of the sales people I knew and stay in contact with left D&B to go to other places and flourish. So it's easy to understand where the problems are.

    • Is this all?

    • No, this is not typical of well run organizations, but it is typical for DNB. That is how they have, and continue to, deal with tough times. They identify scapegoats and go through a "reengineering". Too many good people have been pushed out while the people like Sara and Byron continue to accumulate wealth. When will they ever look at themselves and hold themselves accountable???

      Just yesterday they had another layoff of over 125 people.

      Where is the Board of Directors in all of this? What is not getting enough attention is their lack of leadership in managing their business in China. They always turned blind eyes to the problems and "contained them" but now the problem is too big for them to handle. They will probably lay all the blame on leaders who are no longer there.

    • We left out another Risk Management head, Ajay Muckerjee (Nov '08 - Dec '09) [GONE]

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