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  • newelectricfan newelectricfan May 25, 2010 8:34 AM Flag

    Soda tax is lunacy....

    Carbondated soft drinks are NOT the reason people are obese. It is the overall diet. And lack of exercise. What they need to do is put a "fat tax" on pizza, burgers, chips, french fries, candy bars, popcorn butter, fried foods of all kinds, cheese slices put on burgers, bacon, and the host of other fattening and obese drivers in the diet that kids and adults guzzle like it is going out of style. To just single out "sugary sodas" really misses the point. And would do nothing to change diets or habits. If they (the legislatures and governing bodies) wanted to do something about it, they'd take a comprehensive approach. Otherwise, it is just a tax grab. Nothing more. And it will do nothing to improve the health of the country. An extra few cents here or there on a soda is not going to stop a kid from guzzling it, especially when there are free refills at ever fast food joint. He/She will guzzle it down, to wash down, the several thousand calories of french fries, burgers and cheese.

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    • You are spot on with your criticism of my comment. I didn't see it that way as I was writing - my intended point was simply that it is lunacy to laser-select one slice of food consumption, when there are many, many that contribute to obesity. I'd prefer no taxes. Good thing I'm not in govt. I tend to speak first, and analyze later. Wait...maybe I am perfect for govt work... :-)

    • Let me get this straight. You don't want the government to single out soft drinks but its okay to single out other foods? Isn't that just a tax grab. With your philosophy you are more dangerous than the government.

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