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  • tankcircuitnoise tankcircuitnoise Sep 7, 2010 11:39 AM Flag

    US GOV has traded 10,000,000 US jobs for

    cooperation from China.

    Why is DPS further damaging the American workforce?

    Are the MBA parasites that greedy? to destory
    a community?

    No more Dr Pepper or Motts for me.
    Never did like Snapple (waste of $)

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    • You will not find a welcome audience here. Don't use this board to mis-construe the facts. DPS came to an AGREEMENT with the union -- a VERY GENEROUS agreement, especially given that the MOTTs plant is the worst performing plant in the DPS stable. The so-called employees rejected the offer, which included pension, 401k matches, keeping salary the same (i.e, not the ballyhooed $1.50 an hour cut), and, a $1,000 signing bonus ($250 HIGHER than what the union leadership requested). And still, the greedy employees rejected it. No. No one has a RIGHT to force a company to pay them anything but a fair wage for a fair day's work. DPS has tried to do that. The only people trying to "destroy" this community are the ones who are spinning and spewing mis-information, and are not paying attention to the realities of the economy or the generous offer from DPS. (By the way - since when is it a good idea to try to claim the $550 million profit generated by the OTHER DPS employees across the country as reason for your own raises??????? That sounds like theivery to me......and greed.)

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