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  • platinumconvert platinumconvert May 12, 2011 9:50 PM Flag

    The factors that drove DPS today

    The performance of DPS today was nothing short of amazing...and no wonder, given Larry and Marty's performance at the Goldman Sach's conference today. If you are a shareholder, or a potential shareholder, you owe it to yourself to read the transcript on their website or to listen to the rebroad cast.

    Some fantastic developments that will drive very strong growth that we are hearing about for the first time: 1) with the success of SunDrop and CandaDry, they are going to rapidly start to take other regional brands national, including brands such as Squirt, Vernors, Cactus Coolers, etc. 2) Marty commented that given the rise in the stock price, future cash deployments wuill most likely (over time) go toward dividend increases over stock repurchases, 3) an analyst prompted a question, predicated on Coke getting ride of CCE in the next year or two, and if that would trigger a change of control agreement again with whomever bought CCE, and that was an affirmative -- but clearly a what-if; still, a potential windfall again soon (underscore potential, though), 4) for the FIRST TIME discussed the potential of working with Coke & Pepsi to take some of their brands ("a few brands") overseas!!!! this is potentially HUGE, as we know Cadbury sold the international rights to DPS but not some of these regional brands that are gaining national attention and have appeal in markets that prefer flavors, 5) nice emphasis on Coke and Pepsi as partners, not just competitors, as DPS for the most part is not in the "Cola Wars", and mentioned the huge demographic shift and appeal of flavors in the hispanic market, and DPS's focus on that market.

    Those are all exciting trends that bode very very very well....and that doesn't include innovations around core brands (such as DPS10 and other new product extension launches and package innovation).

    DPS has a very strong future, indeed. We will see this market cap go up over time --- as well as the dividend.

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