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  • drmtrendium drmtrendium Jul 31, 2008 11:28 AM Flag

    Why is this stock down?

    Solid earnings. Guaranteed govt contract that grows by 20% a year. There's only upside. Why is it down 30% in the last 6 months. Can anyone explain this to me?

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    • This stock won't be going anywhere. The best scenario is it'd stay the same. NPAC contracts are against headwind, and the business can't grow. Their business model is ... building more offices around the White House and lobby for contract extensions while number porting activity is dwindling. That can only take one so far. Screwed up power struggles, COO got fired by the CEO because he seems to be doing a better than the CEO/chairman, even though he (COO) was also the culprit who brought down Winstar Communication....Big time screw up.

    • NSR has not demonstrated an ability to open a new market. If you look carefully at the numbers, only number portability is growing. At some point this will become an open bid and NSR will implode if they lose the contract. Also, the revenue from number portability is due to the churn in telco mergers and reorganizations. If these quiet down, the revenue will reduce. NSR is a short term play at best.

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      • The NPAC contract is rock solid and almost NO CHANCE that the FCC doesn't continue to renew it. Too many carriers have too much invested to change it now! And not much chance that number porting will slow down; too much disruptive technology out there..IPhone, VoIP, Skype, mobility applications, Wimax, new carriers, etc. This industry thrives on change and change means lots of number porting! And number portability GROWTH funds their development of new streams of revenue. NSR is big into VoIP expansion with SIP clearinghouse services, mobility roaming and of cource the Top Level Domain registry business. Their chief competitor in the TLD business is Verisign which is in dire straits. NSR could take over the TLD for .com...which is the only significant domain they don't have. IMHO NSR is solid and will continue to make $$$ and GROW!

    • because these days, stocks just go down. We are in a declining economy and long term investment is not a viable option anymore. you can only make money trading in and out on a swing basis. Plus NSR is really going down after earnings Tuesday. That's why I am selling my shares now. The last earnings cycle burnt me. I don't see how they can meet estimates in an even sour enviroment

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