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  • DWDDouglas DWDDouglas Jun 23, 2005 10:46 AM Flag

    sell,and i think now would be a good


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    • hans- I must be the world's most patient short. I've been short for two years now! I'm bound and determined to squeeze the last drop of blood out of this I suppose.

      I've heard about the HANS nightmare. I had my own nightmare last year with RIMM and I've since resolved not to short companies with high liquidity and growing profits even if they look overpriced (okay so I made a huge exception for TASR but I try to avoid them anyway).

      As for current stuff you're a couple of weeks too late asking. We've just had a huge pump and dump of a host of tiny POS oil companies. Most have already retraced at least 35% off their peaks so while there's still lots of money to be made here the easiest pickings are gone. And so are the short shares in most instances.

      g' luck.

    • I can't believe I covered this at $10! Shorted decent size, smaller than you but still decent, and in like two weeks covered at $10. Back when it bounced up to $14 for a few days - my stock loan guys were like how much do you want.....great call guys.

      I am involved in HANS which is a nightmare but eventually it will fall.

      Have you looked at SOLD? Anything else interesting?

      Thanks and again great call on CHDX.......cant believe I covered.

    • Only a fool would pass up an opportunity to sell their shares at 4.85. I would short the hell out of it but I can't find any more shares. I'm limited to the 27,000 I still have (down from 35,000).

      After two years of solid losses it looks like Chindex's business model is untenable. Somehow they grossly miscalculated and fucked up. The hospitals have been a real money pit. The retail strategy has foundered. The capital equipment has been hung up on politics. And of course management is accountable to no one (and probably has their hand in the till).

      Two years ago before CHDX got swept up in the Asian ADR mania (remember how SINA-SOHU-NTES lifted the entire second and third tier of Asian crap?) it was trading at 2.00 and a 40% discount to book. Why? Because they made no money, just broke even. Now with book at 4.50 and a solid two years of losses under their belts I expect it to eventually trade at at least a 40% discount to book or 2.70. But their cashburn is eating up their equity so that could easily lower CHDX to 2.25.

      Longs- I've been warning you about Chindex for a long time now. You just might want to start listening at some point.