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  • frog_belly1 frog_belly1 Jan 29, 2010 8:48 PM Flag

    Question for you guys.


    I have e-mailed this company three times over the last three months and never have had the courtesy of a response.
    The only thing close was a public company announcement on the vaccine plant delay. That,was made two days after my email inquiry on just that topic.
    I just e-mailed them about there next earnings report date. And kindly suggested if they offer out any more shares at a discount would they be sure and offer them to the current shareholders first.
    Nothing yet?
    Whats been your experience in this regard?

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    • No, there's a third out here. Love this stock long term. Love the lack of debt, which means loan tightening won't affect it. Love that their meds are for farm animals as well as pets. Love their margin and P/E ! IMHO lots of investors have been looking for some reason to worry about China, and are overreacting to the government's transparency on credit. If they did not tighten up loans, bears would moan; now that they are, slightly, they still moan. A year from now the longs will be looking smart.

    • What? $5? LOL

    • I love the stock... just waiting for my buy price.

    • I sent an email at 9:50PM Eastern time and received a response at 10:47PM Eastern time!

      I ask if they would release preliminary 4th quarter results and what time they would file the 10K and I got this response:

      Hope you are doing well. With the Chinese New Year in February, we will more than likely be filing and releasing our year end results close to the March 31st deadline. At this point, we don't anticipate filing an extension on the 10K as we did last year.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions regarding this.


      Bennet Tchaikovsky, CPA, Esq.
      Chief Financial Officer
      Skystar Bio-Pharmarceutical Company
      310 622 4515 (o)
      310 849 2672 (m)
      310 496 2693 (f)

    • I have never tried emailing them... I will consider it. It would be nice if they could put out preliminary 4th quarter numbers... With $14 million on the balance sheet and with net income next year around that I don't think they will need to raise any cash soon (but most China companies could careless about shareholders).

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