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  • osubuck30 osubuck30 Mar 18, 2011 12:24 PM Flag

    This should be trading at 2 times ONP...

    That would put it at $10. ONP is trading at $5.20 with .89 in earnings but SKBI is trading at $5.59 and will have over $2 is earnings!!!

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    • and you BUY on fear!!! This is fear now!

    • The earnings are importan, of course, particularly for long term stock price, assuming consistent upward curve.

      But right now, and for the company's ability to raise equity for future acquisitions, distinctive measures to separate itself from the bad apples is more important. A stock buyback, even a possible stock buy back would help, as would instituting a symbolic dividend, or considering; stepping up investor conferences, webcast videos of business operations, reconciliation with Chinese taxes all would help.

      But nothing speaks louder than cash.

      For just $2M -- perhaps 10% of 2011 earnings -- they can buy back 5% of outstanding shares.

      They have existing credit lines which I exopect will have been paid back by now, should they need cash for an imminent opportunity.

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      • They will and should not do this!!! Continue to do what they have done and find acquisitions!! The thing holding this back is the perception of fraud in all China small caps but its funny that the vaccine facility is still not producing. I believe now its over 3 quarters late. If this was a fraud you would think it would all go smoothly!!!

        The construction of the facility is complete but still awaiting the certification from the Chinese govt! Even without the facility earnings will be north of $2.25 for next year IMO. In 3 years I see a company producing $4 a share but thats just me..

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