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  • gailhotaling gailhotaling Jul 16, 2010 4:36 PM Flag

    employee theft at EDGW

    I remember her. She did the expense reports and other financials. Never told anyone she had been in prison and we just hired her on!

    She and another gal had worked at a bank and diverted money to themselves back a few years before she joined edgewater/sfattmark/intellimark. Did 2 to 3 in prison. She want to Washington High school in KC Ks.

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    • What ever happened to her?

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      • After Beverly was caught embezzling money from the bank she worked at in Kansas City she was sentenced to PRISON. She spent several years there. Then was released and interviewed and was hired by a company owned by Staffmark/Edgewater in Mission Kansas in 1998. She lied on her application about any felony convictions and since proper background checks were not done, they hired her and she did the accounting for the KC branch. I think she quit when she found out we were "on" to her. Yes someone from her high school reunion told us about her record about the time she left. Who knows what she did/didnt do. This is just an example of how there was NOT a tight control on who was hired. There was a convicted felon in a Sales Mansger role. But nothing takes the place of "mucko" bringing guns into the Wakefield office and stashing them in his locker and ammo in his workplace days BEFORE the shooting. Now 7 people are no longer with us due to his murdeous actions. This company has a black cloud over its head. They HIRED Mucko - did they ever run a background or credit check on him to se if he owed the IRS taxes? Had the HR dept. runs some checks then he maynot have been hired. Then some of the HR staff would still be here. The life you might save could be your own. I am still mad that this senseless preventable tragedy happened. Had someone done something-it might have been prevented!

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